Two award-winning technologies. One complete solution.

One of the fastest body sculpting treatments on the market.

Define your body how you see fit. Personalized, convenient, and with complete results in 30 minutes or less, truBody’s award-winning technologies unlock your untapped potential so you can go beyond what’s possible with diet and exercise alone. Because your body type and fitness level are unique, truBody is fully customizable. With the truBody Trim & Tone Protocol, you can combine 1 truSculpt and 4 truFlex treatments to reduce fat, tone muscle, and custom-contour your body. Achieve visible results with no downtime in as little as one treatment series.

  • truBody is the only customizable fat-reducing and multidirectional muscle-toning aesthetic duo.
  • The truBody Trim & Tone Protocol consists of 1 truSculpt treatment and 4 truFlex treatments for ultimate customization.
  • Reduce fat, tone muscle, and define your body with a completely customizable treatment.
  • Customized, convenient, and complete

Target stubborn fat

An ideal fit for personalization.

Target stubborn fat and slim your waistline in as little as 15 minutes. As one of the fastest body sculpting treatments on the market, truSculpt damages fat cells using heat, eliminating them from the body naturally and safely. This non-invasive treatment offers a customized, comfortable treatment for the abdomen and flanks, with little to no pain and zero downtime. Treat the abdomen and flanks simultaneously in a 15-minute treatment session. Treat the abdomen and flanks simultaneously in a 15-minute treatment session. With an average 24% fat reduction per treatment area, you can achieve outcomes you didn’t know were possible.

Average 24% fat reduction per treatment area.

Treat abs and flanks.

1 treatment, optimal results visible 12 months post-treatment

Visible results after one treatment, with optimal results seen after 12 weeks.

15-minute treatment time

Slim your waistline over your lunch break.


Count your crunches by the thousands

The power of personalization.

Up to 30% increase in muscle mass.

Up to 54,000 contractions per session.

15- and 45-minute treatment options.

Treats 8 areas simultaneously.

4-6 treatments spaced 2-5 days apart, optimal results visible after final treatment.

Non-invasive, comfortable, with zero downtime.


I work out frequently, between 4-5 days a week, but am always looking to take my body to the next level. truFlex is a great addition to my workout routine. It helps fine-tune my muscle strength and tone, and has changed the way my body looks overall, and I am really impressed with the results.

— MC

With no recovery – and I mean none – I was able to go about my life, feel strong, and have the confidence of knowing I went to the right provider. So, for those seeking ab definition or wanting a bigger bum with no time to spare, truFlex is a game changer.


I was surprised at the difference the truFlex treatments made to my butt. I had 4 treatments, and after the series, my butt was lifted and looks full and perky. I would definitely recommend this treatment for someone who wants a boost without the downtime.

— AH

For a no-downtime procedure, I received results that I was not able to get with diet and exercise alone. truSculpt did not disappoint!

— SG